Intellectual outputs

Intellectual outputs

Intellectual output 1. Joint curriculum in cybersecurity in VET.

The structure will follow the format of a matrix where the lines are the different units of competence and the columns are the learning outcomes associated to each unit and the evaluation criteria associated to each learning outcome.

Built upon a modular basis, different parts of the curriculum (units) can be integrated in a variety of VET programmes, not necessarily technical or related to ICT in order to spread knowledge on information security to a highest number of future professionals.

Intellectual output 2. Cybersecurity challenges

Complementary to O1, O2 gathers materials to achieve the learning outcomes defined in the previous stage (not all challenges will address all learning outcomes, but all learning outcomes will be covered by at least one challenge).

This way, the potential users will have available a set of materials to train and acquire the units of competence identified in the joint curriculum in cybersecurity in VET. These materials have been grouped on 4 profiles, as represented by the following graphic: